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    Soft furnishing  is to allow you to be nurtured by nature at its sublime and serene.  Here comes “Spring Homestead”, each coverlets boasts an inviting botanical beauty through spring garden-inspired floral motif.

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    For the people who prefer minimalist decors for their bedroom, the Snow White cotton coverlet bedspread set is the best choice. This bedding set is made with 100% cotton and showcases beauty in simplicity. It features pure white fluid vines and diamond motifs that are stitched across our whole-cloth quilt and sham, creating a beautiful bedding that’s...

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    Claude Light Grey 100% Cotton Coverlet Bedspread Set Inspired by Impressionist masters, our classic yet distinctive Claude design is presented in three colour hues: White, and Charcoal Fascinated by the textures visible in nature, this allover jacquard-alike floral design with soft hue of one colour accent adds a charming touch to your bedroom décor. 

  • $275.00

    Switching to the Hampton look of your bedroom doesn't have to involve a complete revamp when you have the Hampton Luxe Velvet Ice Blue bedspread set . This design lets you easily change the feel of your space, the costal lifestyle stands out with its large, tidal pattern quilted on a luxe velvet, and brings a coordinating décor with a simple ice blue...

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    Add a decorative but traditional touch to your bedroom with this Morning Bird cotton coverlet bedspread .Comes with a sophisticated and timeless design, 

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    Add a decorative but traditional touch to your bedroom with this Dimech Bird cotton coverlet bedspread  Comes with a sophisticated and timeless design, this coverlet bedspread is inspired by an old print from a botanic garden in the Victorian era that can easily add a classy touch to your bedroom. 

  • $250.00

    To create a soothing space, I opt for 2 classic colors of White . These hues are perfect because they tend to recede, producing a calming and relaxing effect.  I also combine two features of bedding, one is classic waffle, another is stone-washed quilted quilt to make bedroom more restful, and well co-ordinated with your existing artwork and furnishing.

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